5 Makeup Products You Didn’t Know You Needed for Summer

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5 Makeup Products You Didn’t Know You Needed for Summer

By Ashley Carlisle

School Is Out And So Is The Sun!

You adjust your lifestyle, schedule, priorities, but what about your beauty routine? As the season transitions to warmer weather, so should your daily makeup routine. With rising temperatures, it is important to adapt to your surroundings and find products to combat the strong heat and light coming from the sun. Summer weather can be damaging without proper care and protection. Whether it be adjusting your foundation color or adding moisturizer to dry skin, it is important to match your beauty regimen to your seasonal environment. Small adjustments can make the world of difference and also prove to be beneficial for your long-term health.


We gathered the Top Amazon Beauty Products to help make your summer makeup routine a little easier against the sun this season.


  1. Mineral Fusion: Touch up Powder with 30 SPF: Protect your skin with this easy on the go transparent mineral powder. The SPF within the powdered formula helps even skin tone and product against harmful UV rays.
  2. Bumble and Bumble: Textured Anti Frizz Invisible Dry Oil: This lightweight spray is the perfect product for anyone who suffers from the summertime humidity! It helps control frizz and leaves your hair feeling silky smooth.
  3. Super Goop! Refreshing Setting Mist with 50 SPF: This three-in-one product helps control oil, set makeup and even leaves a matte finish for added sun protection.
  4. Aria Star: Natural Dead Sea Mud Mask: After a day in the sun, it is important to end the day with the right product. Clear dirt, sweat and dry skin with this facemask. The added Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil hydrates and evens skin tone as well!
  5. Effiore: Jelly Floral Lipstick: Keep your lips hydrated this summer with Effiore Lipstick. This unique product changes with your temperature to create the perfect lip tint in any climate. The bright flower blossom and gold flakes make it the perfect summer accessory! The built in applicator mirror makes an on-the-go natural look effortless. It flawlessly compliments any makeup collection and is a great addition to any smile.

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