Trick or Treat: How To Do Your Makeup This Halloween

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Trick or Treat: How To Do Your Makeup This Halloween

Trick or Treat: How To Do Your Makeup This Halloween

Ghosts, Goblins and Ghouls OH MY! It’s that time of the year again! Fall is here which means Halloween is just around the corner. The most important outfit choice of the year. Will you dress up scary and haunt your friends? Or will you take another direction and look super cute? Either way, it’s time to decide that insta-worthy outfit you are going to rock this Halloween! With either direction, the perfect makeup look is essential to complete your costume. Animated dramatic looks can really take your look to the next level. Bright colors can really pop underneath the trick or treat moonlight. We gathered the best Halloween makeup looks to inspire your creative side this holiday! Most importantly you don’t need any professional experience to get the perfect Halloween makeup look.

The Colorful Clown: play with your color palette to turn heads this Halloween. Effiore’s flower jelly lipstick has a bright color and can also double as an eyeshadow!

Party Animal: Go for a softer look with this fun Halloween makeup look. This can be achieved with a simple contour palette. You’ll have your friends saying “Oh Deer” when they see you with this cute look.

Scary Skeleton: Get spooky with some skeleton inspired makeup. This simple look can be achieved with products already in your everyday makeup bag.

Merry Mermaid: Match the current mermaid trends and glam up your look with some shimmer and glitter to make to perfect underwater creation.


Breaking Beauty: This shattering look is sure to turn heads as it mixes both beauty and freaky! The bright pink can be achieved with Effiore’s flower jelly lipstick. Bubblegum pink is the perfect color to match this look!

Whether you get scary or sexy the perfect makeup look doesn’t have to be difficult to achieve. Hopefully these makeup looks can inspire you to breakout the makeup brushes and go crazy. Halloween is the perfect season to get creative with your style especially when it comes to your makeup. Effiore jelly lipstick is essential to any makeup bag especially during the holiday season. The bright color of the flower lipstick is sure to pop with any costume you choose. The floating gold flakes accent the flower blossom perfectly.

Our favorite makeup artist, Angelica Torres, showed us how she uses her jelly flower lipstick with this inspired mermaid makeup look. Her creativity is blossoming as she applies her Effiore to complete the look. Jump on the mermaid trend this Halloween with Effiore!


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